New Head & Shoulders
Suprême keeps
Sandara Park’s hair
Lusciously Soft

Sandara Park’s work as a K-pop Star requires her hair to be styled constantly and she relies on Head & Shoulders Suprême Shampoo and Conditioner to keep her long locks lusciously soft and hydrated. Researchers at Head & Shoulders have discovered the healing properties of Argan Oil and this ingredient is the real winner in the new hair care range that’s now available.

Suprême Moisture Dandruff Shampoo & Conditioner revitalizes the scalp & nourishes hair

With 50 years of hair care expertise, Head & Shoulders extracts the essence of the Argan fruit and combines it with their advanced anti-dandruff technology to produce the Suprême Shampoo and Conditioner range. Now, you too can have lusciously soft and dandruff-free hair with no compromise.

New Suprême with Moroccan Argan Crème

Moroccan Argan Oil historically has had healing effects for women’s skin and, in recent research, for hair as well as it works to revitalize the scalp and nourish hair, reducing dryness and dullness.

While constantly being on the move, Sandara trusts the Head and Shoulders Suprême Shampoo and Conditioner range to ensure her hair looks and feels amazing. Don’t take our word for it, Sandara says “Suprême is fantastic! I love my fresh scalp and pretty hair now!”