Shampoo for Itchy Scalp


Head & Shoulders anti-dandruff and itchy scalp products are ideal to soothe an itchy scalp. Specially formulated with zinc pyrithione to fight the causes and symptoms of dandruff, our shampoos and conditioners start working faster to help calm an itchy scalp and give relief from scratching. That way, you’ll not only get instant relief but you’ll also be able to help tackle the root cause, helping to prevent itching from coming back.

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  • Cool Menthol Shampoo

    - Menthol Anti Dandruff Shampoo cleans with a menthol fresh feeling while keeping hair beautifully moisturised

    - Dermatologically tested, ph balanced and boosted with antioxidants for gentle care of hair and scalp

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  • UltraMen Anti-Hairfall Shampoo

    - Specially formulated for MEN with Ginseng. For strong hair until tips. Helps reduce hair fall^
    - With Deep Sea Minerals. Deeply purifies, balances oily scalp and reduces scalp itch.
    - With patented ZPT formula that is clinically proven to remove dandruff. For 100% Dandruff & Itch Free*
    ^Due to breakage.
    *no visible flakes, Itch due to dandruff, with regular use.

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