Anti-Dandruff for Fuller Stronger Hair

The Head & Shoulders Full & Thick range is an excellent choice for getting rid of dandruff and is also designed to help your hair grow as thick and strong as possible. To help you tackle the thinning hair often caused by scalp conditions, the Head & Shoulders Full & Thick range uses a 3Action formula, designed to help both hair and scalp.
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  • UltraMen Anti-Hairfall Shampoo

    - Specially formulated for MEN with Ginseng. For strong hair until tips. Helps reduce hair fall^
    - With Deep Sea Minerals. Deeply purifies, balances oily scalp and reduces scalp itch.
    - With patented ZPT formula that is clinically proven to remove dandruff. For 100% Dandruff & Itch Free*
    ^Due to breakage.
    *no visible flakes, Itch due to dandruff, with regular use.

    More information on Head & Shoulders ingredients

  • Smooth & Silky Conditioner

    - Winner of the 2015 Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards
    - With extra moisturizers for smooth and silky hair
    - Keeps you up to 100% dandruff free* for long-lasting dandruff protection
    - NEW Tri-Action Formula cleanses, protects and moisturizes your scalp
    *visible flakes, with regular use
    - Gentle pH balanced formula for everyday use, even on color treated hair